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Tsistar Historical Romance

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Helena Roberts was poor girl who leaved with her dad. Her dad was a farm and was unable to pay his debut. For the Smithson family so Helena decided she will work as a maid at the Smithson's house.  The house rules were very strict and must obedient especially the rule about the young master space and boundary. Helena was ordered to serve dinner for the family that's when Mark and her made an eye contact.

That same night she met Mark smoking in the kitchen and had an akward moment. The head mistress saw them together and gave her an advice about Mark but Helena was never accepted it.  After several days Mark's parents were having an argument about sending him to the army. Mark was tired of there argument so he decided to take a walk around the lake. As he arrived there he saw Helena sitting on a rock near by the lake.

Mark went close to her and started a conversation. They both enjoyed each others company. When they both arrived at the house Mark asked her out on a date and her answer was yes after all he was her boss. Their first date was at the lake which they fall in love. At the end of the night Mark gave her his first kiss so did she.


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February 1944) 

 The war was getting worse. Every young man in the country were shipped off to the war. Mrs. Smithson and her husband were have an argument about sending Mark to the war. I went to the nearest lake to clear my mind. I seat on the rock in front of the lake.

 "Enjoying the view?"I he……