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If you could see what would happen in the future, wouldn't that be powerful? Of course it would.

But not for Athena.

Growing with a mother who keeps chanting about how much of a curse she is than a daughter, having getting bullied in school, distanced like she has the plague and seeing things that no one can even imagine a person can survive of.

All because of what?

All because of her gift. A dangerous yet, powerful gift bestowed on her, a gift that isn't passed but chooses it's owner, a gift so powerful it could destroy an entire a race.

Such gift that even Athena doesn't know about. But, what happens when she meets some certain, people who would show her that the world isn't just Mars and Saturn, that the world is full of the unknown which she has never heard or seen about.

At the same time, through the adventure, it doesn't just come freely, as her strength and courage is tested. Her will is put on the table, yet would she overcome them all or would she let them control her like they have always done?

Because she is more than just Atheena Brooks.


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