Empire of Vendetta

Suzy Daye Romance

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NOTICE: I will not start writing this until 'Empire of Blood' is complete.

There was only one name in the world that would have everyone shaking in their boots: Sakura Mace. She was a born killer and had been raised as one too.

Or so she thought. After finding out the truth about her childhood and a bounty on her head, she finds herself joining the heroine team, Virtitus. She must now use her deadly assassin skill to save people while subsequently trying to find her birth family.

But Sakura isn’t the only one looking for her family. Valerio Otero has a debt to settle and will not stop at anything no matter what the cost.

So what happens when the two most dangerous people on Earth cross paths?

Book #2 in the 'Damned Ties' series.


Tags: EspionageRevengeKidnapArrogantBadgirlKickass HeroineTycoonHeiressGirlpowerContest
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