Her Burned Soul

Javyriah Romance

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Annie is a very beautiful, strong, independent and happy girl. Who fight for herself and others, when needed. She has the love and support of her family. It all felt like a dream when Annie meets with Charles Darwin. A handsome and hot businessman, who falls in love with her at first sight. They were happy, dating each other. Everything is going good. They are going to marry soon. The thing that Annie didn't realize was her past. That Annie forgot. That was not letting her go and when it came in front of her. Her life is destroyed by it. It's the story of love, pain, emotions. struggles, failure, and success of Annie. Will she be able to live a normal life again? Will she be successful after the failure and after losing so many people.
We will know in Annie and Charles's story.
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Her Success

Annie p.o.v
As the liquid touched my skin, it starts burning the pain that I felt is unbearable it felt like someone cut my skin with a sharp dagger, then he digs the dagger a thousand time on the same wound. I start screaming in pain, agony, the suffering was so much that my soul was screaming, I don't understand what to do? Who to call hel……