The Red Dragon's Lair

Kat Kyle Romance

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An orphan girl Anya, who was bullied in her childhood, grew up in the slums along with her brother seeing the underbelly of the city full of crime, lust and greed. Her brother intervened when his friends were trying to teach her a lesson and was killed for it. She swears to fight crime and get the criminals off the road.
Smart, brave and self made Anya becomes a cop.

A young, talented and good looking guy with a happy upbringing from a middle income family has big dreams. He creates an idea for a start up and becomes a name to reckon with. He falls for a cop who hates crime and doesn't believe in love. His money and her job brings glamour, decadence and dangerous liaisons into their lives.

They come together to create a volatile mixture of passionate love, ruthless crime, base desires, human degradation, death and devastation; where his life hangs on a thread.

How much will she go through before she breaks?


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