Obsession With My Forced Wife

Katherine Z Romance

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Ten years ago, an accident caused the Cameron family and the McLean family to break up and become enemies.

Ten years later, Lance, the Cameron family's young leader, was told he was going to marry Evelyn, a McLean family girl.

"What? Anyone in the world could be my bride, but not a McLean woman. I will NEVER marry that Evelyn."

However, when Lance learned that the girl he embraced at the party is his bride, his mind began to change. On the wedding night. He pressed on her and started kissing and touching her as he always long for. Oh, damn, the sensuality makes him unable to stop, he just wanted to release his desire in her body. He slowly kissed her lips and neck, and then came to the breast that heI thirsted for day and night, and bite one and suck it vigorously.

What Lance doesn't know is that he lost his heart when he became sexually attracted to Evelyn. He began to care about her feelings and dreams, and he came to see her as a true wife.

Lance can't control his love and desire for Evelyn, but the family hatred makes Lance feel guilty. How to choose beeen love and hatred? How will Lance face his forced wife?


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