I Hate Him But He's So Hot


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“This will be my first and last warning to you, Jack. Let go of my hair or I’ll have to do what will make you cry out loud now!” She threatened through gritted teeth as she wailed silently. Man, he was wicked. He knew just how to hold a woman’s hair in such a way that she would have her eyes making the plea her lips refused to. For she was an inch from shedding her tears, which she didn’t want to, at all cost. “What is that? I’d love to see you try!” His eyes held malice, and when he took a huge churn of her hair and tried to pluck it out of her spores, she had no choice but to cry out loud and the next thing Jack felt was her knee on his groin. A very hard punch that he didn’t know when he let go of her hair and his knees went south, groaning out loud. Anna Brayden is an only child, a spoilt brat. After her billionaire Father died, she became one of the richest young ladies in America, the CEO of a multibillion-dollar company; Will Brayden. when she gets into a fight with a stranger she meets in the airport on her way to visit her boyfriend, life had never been worse. He keeps on appearing whenever she doesn't want him to, he hurts her, makes her cry and when she least expects it, have someone to fake-date her. What happens after all this is over? Their fights, unending revenge and hatred? And she realized that despite the hatred she has for him, he makes her heart flip, her hands sweaty and man, He's so hot!


Tags: badboydare to love and hateCEObxglightheartedcaptaincityenemies to loversweak to strong
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