Fallen In Love With My Twin - Confession


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Idris is a girl who has a terrible past that haunts her in nightmares. But Jack was always there to comfort here since the moment it had happened. The in bond beeen them is stronger than usual that made Idris fall in love with her own in brother. She adores him and wants to be with him. Jack on the other side who doesn't have any idea of Idris's feelings for him. He loves her sister dearest and protects her with all of him. His first and foremost priority is always been, Idris. It starts on the night when Idris wants to comfort Jack as he does for her and then that one-night changes everything. It can make them together or sperate them apart.

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Episode 158 - It was all a lie

Idris POV

It’s been three months, Jack knocked on my door in the early morning. I had an appointment with a shrink after that, I still couldn’t talk to them like I talked to Jack, But I told them about the nightmares and it is ruining my sleep. I tried pills that didn’t work and I got a watch which will send a little shock when I fall in ……