The Blood Pack (book three)


Vixen Fantasy

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Theo has lost who he is, after being forced to kill another innocent wolf for the entertainment of others, the head enforcer of the blood pack does not know how to reconsile his actions. As the pack heals and moves on with its life, he feels like an outsider who has no right to be there. Can he br brought back from the darkness that consumes him?

Sanna thinks that the Harrison, who she has been seeing for sometime, is about to claim her as his mate. However, instead he ends up finding his true mate. Sanna has to try and pick herself up and wants to prove herself to the blood pack, not just being Cassy's best friend.


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Chapter twenty seven

*Six months later*

I woke up, the rays of sun light landing on my face. I stretched and smiled. I loved our little house. I got up and padded over to our en suit to relieve myself, knowing not to bother taking a shower as Theo was still out training. I walked back to our room and pulled on one of his baggy t-shirt and a pair of my shorts b……