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Beatrice's Love, a historical fiction based on medieval times, is a romance novel that trending worldwide. A reverse harem genre, where a female protagonist is surrounded by two or more love interests. These are the male lead of the story: Lawrence William, the Crown Prince of the Asterin Empire, Killian Shou Adir, an unknown headmaster of the magic tower, and Francisco White, the Imperial Knights' commander-in-chief. They will do anything to accomplished Beatrice's devotion, even if they have to endure the consequences.

The villainess in the novel and the only daughter of a duke, Elizabeth White, became envious of the lovely protagonist, Beatrice. She was cast aside by her lover as well as her family to die a pitiful death.

What's good about being reborn if you were the shame on the family? 'I' who reincarnated as Elizabeth White won't let my fate be dictated by the original novel! I refuse to become a stepping stone for the protagonist's progress. I will take control of my life this time.


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