Forced to marry the dragon

Poison Ivy Romance

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In a world where all kingdoms are scared of the sound of dragon wings, princess Keila is f****d to marry the feared dragon prince to save her kingdom.

"But father, you can't mean this!" she tried to protest but her father scolded her with his deadly glare. " He's a monster" She whispered more to herself. Hearing her broken voice her father's glare softened and he took her face in his hands. " I know my dear daughter but we have no choice, you will marry the prince and save our people. I am really sorry the thing we have to give them is you, but if we don't give the Dragon king what he wants, we are as good as dead." She saw the regret in her father's eyes and understood that there's really no hope. She will be f****d to marry prince Kronos, the feared dragon prince.


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