My Possessive Mr. Stranger

Reem LGBT+

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Intimidating. Rude. Cruel. Cold-hearted. Xeron is the perfect explanation of a growling fierce lion buried deep ide his dark past. He cuts heads, buries them, and flirts hard only to betray. But he finds it hard to deceive the promising love for his infatuating chamber-Xanthus the ever angelic, endearing, and hungry son of a millionaire who had been born to shine and seduce any passerby. He didn't have to try.

And all that Xanthus would ever want is Xeron.

Will Xeron be able to take up the billion-dollar deal of spying on his euphoria for a fortnight?
Or will he just love him harder than before by denying the proud father of his expectations?

Will Xeron be able to recollect his past and get rid of those annoying fits, to find himself a beautiful opportunity into the paradise which his mother always asked him to go to?

Was Xanthus going to save Xeron from his s?

Or Will he be an even greater threat?


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