Keep Holding On


Marriah Gibbons YA&Teenfiction

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Eloise Danford is a good girl. She gets great grades, is polite to nearly everybody she meets, has an excellent relationship with her parents, and has never been one to party wildly.  
Things change though, when Ellie's cousin drags her to a party where she's never met anybody. It seems to be just the freedom she needed to finally let loose and go just a little crazy. She meets Tyson, the gorgeous, mysterious, green eyed guy who decided to dance with her.
When Ellie wakes up from her wild night out, she decides to try moving past it, but that's not so easy when your school is full of rumor hungry teenage girls who love getting the latest gossip. 
Will she ever be able to move one with that night? Or will everything always come back to that one night?


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Chapter Thirty-One + Epilogue

Today is the day. All summer long, I knew at the back of my mind that this day would come, but now that it's here, I feel miserable. What was I thinking when I told Tyson that it would be totally fine if he went away to college while I……