Claire Takes On The Galaxy


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Fleeing the wedding day from hell and her mother Claire Williams enlists in the Stellar Marines Corps - recruitment slogan 'Take on the Galaxy, Join the Stellar Marines' - and is sent to defend the remote colony of Devil's Pit. There she meets exiled bank robber, James, and his adopted daughter, and finds she must fight mysterious creatures called Shades in caverns as well as the enemy they call Mercs who want the colony for the precious lift crystals mined there. In the meantime James finds himself drawn into his own deadly, shadow battle to fin a Merc agent among the colony's marine officers.


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Claire - Chapter Twenty

Devil’s Pit had more surprises in store for Claire, although these were far less lethal than the ones she had survived to date. When she sobered up Claire found out that the Mercs had also sneak attacked the adjacent colony of Diamond’s Peak, but there a Merc sabotage plot seemed to have worked. Members of the two marine companies ……