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“Wait!” he walks around and stands in front of me. “When shall I see you again?” he asks giving me a meaningful glance.
“I…I am not …I don’t know!” I try to avoid but he is adamant.
“Please, I just want to know you more and be friends with you!” he speaks in that husky voice, now kissing my knuckles softly as his eyes keep speaking untold words, words those are usually forbidden in such short meeting.
“It is better not to know me Chris! I am sorry, I mean Mr Chris.” I apologise again as I stand wriggling my fingers nervously and looking everywhere except at him.
“Please, call me Chris! My name never sounded so good before!” he was clearly indicating something to me.
“Ok. Chris, I should really go now!” I try to leave but he blocks my way and says in a pleading tone, “Please Raina, give me a chance to know you!”
“It is better not to be close to me Mr Chris! Everyone who get close, leave eventually! It is heart breaking and I have darkness in me and it is better if you stay away!” I reply and start to walk away.


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Chapter 35

Daniel’s POV—

We reached India in the evening and I remembered the task given to me of reminding Chris of the flowers and chocolates! This time Arnold or Michael didn’t travel with us because Chris said there are some things to be discussed without any of them tailing and also that we would return to London for a day or two with Sam! I won……