In The High Place



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** Warning - This Novel based on Omegaverse genre which means an Alternate Universe where males can get pregnant and females can impregnate. In this system, there are 3 main roles: Alpha, Beta, and Omega.**

This.Is.It! This's the moment of truth! Inhale deeply, I gather my thought and express my feeling as sincere as I could.
"It's because I fall for you since the moment our eyes met, but I'm just too stupid to notice that. I think, no, I want to believe that we're fated pair"
"A-Antonia, I--Maybe you thought that because of my heat broke out and..."
"It sounds unbelievable , I know. But it's tearing me into pieces when I see you cry. It hurts inside my chest when I lied to you. And it'd kill me...if I let any harm comes to you"
"But fated just a folk tale"
"I know. Yet I hope you might feel the same. Even it's folk tale, we can build our own love story as long as you'd have me"

In the moment of desperation, I gently tile her chin up and kiss her sweetly on her soft lips. Kaitlyn freezes before weakly pushes me away.
"...So this's your answer?"
Unexpected, I was reject by her. I don't prepare myself for this. Take a step back, I regain my posture, force myself to smile and speak with stolid voice.
"I sincerely wish you a fast recover and happy life. As a crown princess of DaColdsia, I, Antonia Castiglione, willing to keep my word to protect you. So I hereby take you under my protection until you are no longer need that"

Small Part of me wishes she'd does or say something to make me stay, but she wouldn't.
"Goodbye, Kaitlyn"
I bow to her and leave without turning back.


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Ep.103 – Naming the Prince

**Antonia’s POV**


   Couple days has passed since my wife, my dearest Kaitlyn, gave birth to our healthy, meekly boy. Doctors and medical staffs were all in awe since he isn’t fussy at all, even he’s just barely 2 days old. Oh, my dear son, you’re going to charm everyone you meet, you know that?