The Blood Pack (book one)


Vixen Fantasy

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The second born son of the leader of the alphas, Ash needs to prove his worth. After moving to a new town to establish his pack, the first alliance he makes is by taking an alpha female in to his pack. But all Ash wants is to prove he can lead without a mate. Can he resist her?

Cassy always knew that her heart would be used as a bargaining chip. As such, she closes herself off to the idea of love. But after meeting alpha Ash, Cassy finds it hard to stay away despite his cold regard. But is alpha Ash even in the cards for her?


Tags: murderalphasexshiftermatepowerfulconfidentstraightwerewolvespack
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Chapter twenty seven

*Six months later*

"No, the wardrobe should be over there." I pointed to the far corner of the room. It had taken some time but Jonny had finally got around to doing the improvements that alpha Ash had requested. The room was light and airy with a sitting area, a small desk and enough space to swing many cats if we wished.

Ste and ……