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"Do you want me to kiss or f**k you?" he asked pissing me off.

"Do I look that desperate to open my legs for you?" I fired back then held my breath when his eyes began switching from his usual color to a dark red.

"You have a sweet tempting mouth, there are a lot of things I could shove in, that includes your soon to be favorite toy, do you know what that is?" he asked while moving closer.

I wanted to move backward but my legs were stuck to the ground.

"Do you know what your favorite toy will be?" He asked again in a low growl.

"No," I answered in a sharp breath.

He got my hand and pressed it on his hard c**k.

"This, if you continue acting all smart with your mouth you will get this shoved into your mouth," he warned as I quickly pulled back my hand with a beating heart.

"I love how virg react when they are being teased, can you now get the f**k out of my office," he demanded.

I quickly looked around and noticed that I really was in his office, I turned and wanted to go but stopped when he held my hand, the tiggles I was feeling weren't helping me in any way, a cold shiver was spreading throughout my body and my nipples were getting hard and erect, each time I shifted they pressed agat my Cotton blouse making me want to moan out.

"Are you seriously aroused right now?" he asked loudly.

"No," I quickly denied.

He leaned in closing the space beeen us and brushed his nose agat my nape, a soft purr came from him when he brushed his lips there.


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