The Dormant: The 5 Goddesses

Eileen Rodriguez Fantasy

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[ [ Ancient Memories] ] Warning 18+

We 5 were the original sisters. Selene was the oldest the commander of Lycans and were-wolfs, in to Lilith, mother of vampires. I was the third to receive the spark and mother to felines.

The spark created just a minute later, my sister Morrigan, the most magical of all us. Her children call themselves witches and warlocks, but she preferred calling them medicine kind or healers. And finally, little Aine she's just sparks, glitter, and ego. She is the commander of the fae kind.

We call ourselves sisters created at the same time by the exact nature force, the father spark, the magicals.

Light beings were created by nature to look after the magical kind. As these beings started learning and growing up, they began to turn on each other.

Some of the Gods try to reestablish the balance. They play a dangerous chess game for power and blood. Charlotte Addams, Poppy Johnson, and Danielle Starr are the only ones that can restore the magic world's balance.

Can they keep their friendship, grow, find love, and destroy the evil forces that plan to take over the world. Or will the evil forces that once destroyed the balance again take over, destroying everything they love. There mates, families, and friends.


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