Legion [Book II]

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"Don't say I didn't warn you." I swiftly reach into his boxer shorts catching him completely off guard. and begin massaging his manhood, attempting to hide the fact I was impressed with it's size. His eyes close, and his head aches back, and I use this opportunity to release him from his shorts. I drop to my knees and quickly take him in my mouth, the action causing him to gasp for air. Relaxing my throat, I tease him, pulling him deeply into my throat and then releasing him.
Though her life will change after her upcoming birthday, Addeline Vincetti, still doesn't seem to care. Her rebellious nature interferes with her training, causing the kingdom to worry if she's really up for the task that awaits her. During a routine trip to the Mortal Realm, she shares a moment with a stranger that lights something in her she can't forget. She decides to take a page out of her dads book, and visit him in his dreams, getting the wake up call she never expected.
Though his childhood was rough, Luka Romano has done everything to ensure that his future was bright. At age 23, he calculated his entire life, to meet his goals. After a chance encounter with a mysterious woman, Luka can't seem to her out of his head. He has dreams about her, naughty dreams, that make him realize that real passion, can't be planned.



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