Devil's Innocent Possession

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" Please leave me . . . I am sorry." Ava pleads crawling further away from him.

" Tsk tsk tsk , you should have thought about it before slapping me. You think you can plaster your palm on my cheek whenever you want and a sorry will make things right ?" his laugh echoes in the empty room making shivers run down her spine.

" You know what attracts me towards you the most darling ?" Lucas asks picking up a bottle of pepper sauce from the table.

" Speak up when I talk to you b***h ." he yells making her flinch.

" Nnn. . . nno." Ava mumbles visibly shaking with fear.

" Your big doe like eyes. Their green color reminds me of forest and wild flowers just like you are and I just love the fear which fills in them for me ." Lucas whispers in a cold voice making her tremble.

" Can you imagine babe , how awesome this sauce will look into your eyes. I cant wait to see. Come on , tie her up." Lucas mutters as Ava beg pleading for mercy again.

o bulky man pick Ava up from the floor and make her sit on the chair tying her tiny frame on the chair as she thrashes and screams for help but no help came.

No one has the courage to question Lucas Kingston and the ones who had are six feet resting under the ground.

That's how the night went , with the innocent girl's cries and pleadings echoing in the devil's castle.
He wants to ruin the girl who has damaged his ego , now he'll damage her beyond repair.



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