ChickenNugget Romance

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Luna, a twenty year old girl living with her abusive aunt is suddenly sold to an auction by her aunt for no reason other than her aunt's pleasure. There a man she had never seen before buys her for no reason other than pure impulse.


I stepped out of the bathroom wearing a button up shirt which was too big for me since it belonged to Darius, my master. I made my way to where he was.
He sat on the sofa watching T.V. uninterested.
He turned to look at me. For a moment he looked shocked then smirked.
"Come here." He patted his thigh.
Am I supposed to sit on his lap?? For real?
I'm sure I looked confused so he spoke again .
"Sit." He gestured at his thighs again.
I walked up to him as he spread his legs and gestured me to sit on his right.
I looked at him, scared.
"I won't hurt you now kitten. Sit."
I did as he said but it was really uncomfortable sitting on a man's lap who was a lot older than me and I wasn't even wearing anything but a loose shirt that wasn't even mine.
I was sitting stiffly when he slid his arm around my waist and pulled me in closer with a jerk making me turn to him and landing both my hands on his chest.
I looked at his face, my heart beating fast.
A wider smirk spread across his face as he placed his other hand on my cheek. Bringing my face closer to his.
"When I bought you I didn't know you were this alluring."
Then he slowly brought his lips closer to mine and with so much confusion I closed my eyes as I gripped his shirt tighter.


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We both sat in the lounge along with Darius's father ,mother and Wendy.

"I'm sorry I doubted you son. I guess the younger generation would know best how things are working."

Darius didn't say anything and looked at Wendy who looked back.

She sighed, "I won't pull out immediately but that doesn't mean I won't be……