Can You Love Me Too


Pooja Mahato LGBT+

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Kieth and Seth are friends and actors, specially of boys love dramas. They are shipped in all over the world and paired in many series because of their great chemistry.
Working for many years together, Kieth falls in love in love with Seth and when he proposes him, things started to change.
Will they survive and fall in love or will they break and regret.....???


Tags: escape while being pregnantsensitiveCEOtwistedbxbothersmpregrejectedsecretscolleagues to loversWerewolf/Billionaire LGBT+ Writing Contest Ⅱ
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Marriage Vows

Twenty eight days later:-

3rd person POV:-

"Ohh my god.....I can't breath.....I am gonna die now......what should I do...!!"

"Oh god Kieth, stop walking and please seat down otherwise your makeup will be ruined."

"Makeup....seriously Emma. Here I am nervous like hell and you are talking about makeup."……