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There was a baby girl who was born and they named her Simmona , she was one of the most beautiful baby they had ever saw but under that beauty she was destined for greatness . The King and the Queen only had one daughter and that's the beautiful Simmona.
She was born when an invasion took over there land , an invasion with monsters and different types of ugly creatures, her father was trying to keep everyone in their palace ( Valdoria) safe but only they knew noone was safe.

Her mother who had just given birth couldn't bare her daughter to be grown in a horrible time and place, she then thought of a plan to get baby simmona to safety. Her mother then witnessed the death of her beloved king and husband , she was devastated and heartbroken of what she had saw with her own eyes ,but that didn't stop her, she then got up with tremendous pain and went on a journey to protect her new born baby. The Queen ( her mother) then took her baby out of the palace and keep on the search for someone who can take care of her little baby girl.

She then stumbled upon two villagers who lived a few miles from their palace , the name of the village was Valdomia . Valdomia is a quiet place .The Queen Mona then walk and look around , she was filled with pain , anxiousness but that wasn't gonna stop her from getting her daughter in a safe place so she can go back to her palace ( Valdoria) and fight for her people. After she saw a happy couple who have peace and love in their eyes, she then said to them " Can u take care of my dare Simmona she is destined for greatness to come protect her".


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The Beginning

A bright and horrible day at the palace, a beautiful girl baby was born, she had beautiful black hair , her face was 

A color of chocolate . This baby girl was named Simmona , named after her mother (The queen)  and not knowing what her future has in stored for her.  Sametime she was born a terrifying chaos  (monsters w……