Married to The Jarl of Dragons


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"Brynjar..." Eira cried to her husband. "Please, wake up."

Brynjar laid there in Eira's arms, unconscious. The large amount of poison intake has finally taken its toll on his body. Eira tried her hardest to wake him up, but he was not responding at all. Just seeing him like that, hurt her harder than anything else. The man she loved was fatally injured and it was her fault. As she held her husband and sobbed to herself, all of that came to an abrupt stop when she heard a laughter from behind her.

"Now, to deal with you." Dregon said to Eira.

At that moment, she did not care. She was useless at that point. Weak and depressed. she felt that her life was not needed at that moment. But, someone else did. A person who felt Eira's pain. Eira rested Brynjar on the cold grass and she slowly got off the ground. She turned around and faced Dregon for what seemed like the last time. She closed her eyes, ready for her end to come. Dregon smiled as he raised Brynjar's fallen sword above his head, ready to bring it down and end that war once and for all. When Dregon brought it down above Eira's hand, a voice popped into Eira's head.

Unknown: Not today....


Eira has been found out by the clan of witches and must leave Fjoll to protect herself from the dangerous clan. In order for her to be protected, she needed to marry someone powerful and able to protect her. That's where Brynjar, the Jarl of Dragons comes in. Meeting Eira, he falls for her and feels the need to protect her even if his clan doesn't agree with it.


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               Brynjar finished drinking with the clan. Now, it was time for him to spend time with his wife and child. As soon as he walked in, his eyes traveled to the bed. Eira laid there, feeding their son. He closed the door and Eira glanced up at him with a sm……