Married to The Jarl of Dragons

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"Sisters, this is where we part ways." Eira told her circle of friends on the cliff of the Blue Sea.
"Until tomorrow, Sister." The circle said in unison and they departed, leaving Eira alone on the cliff.

Eira took a deep breath as she watched the water slam into the rocks beneath her. Eira crossed her arms as she stood there, thinking of everything that happened. All of that disappeared when she heard Brynjar's voice behind her. Just hearing him soothes her. Her fears were subsided temporarily and she was able to smile once again.

"You're scared." He told her in a calm tone.
"Wouldn't you if you were chased?" She asked him.

Brynjar wrapped his arms around Eira's waist and pulled her close. She leaned her head back against him and exhaled.

"What do you fear?" She asked him.
"You want the truth?"

She turned around and faced him. His dragon eyes staring down at her with passion. She nodded her head and he sighed. He placed his chin on the top of her head and held her close.

"Me not doing my job to protect my wife, the woman I have grown to love. I will give my life to protect to from the clan of witches and warlocks. Even if I lose my life for it."


Eira has been found out about the clan of witches and must leave Frandir to protect herself from the clan of witches. In order for her to be protected, she needed to marry someone powerful and able to protect her. That's where Brynjar, the Jarl of Dragons comes in. Meeting Eira, he falls for her and feels the need to protect her even if his clan doesn't agree with it.


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