The 5 Year Plan


Brittney Garcia Romance

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Carolina, a dedicated office worker, and her demanding boss, Jae, find themselves f****d into the same house, as well as a contract marriage, by Jae's grandfather's will. As if balancing her impossible workload wasn't enough, Carolina now has to wade through the complex, and often dark, world of the elite. Meanwhile, Jae learns how to let another human into his very controlled world, and quickly finds that Carolina might destroy the quiet life he worked so hard to cultivate.


Tags: love-trianglecontract marriagelove after marriageCEOdramacomedycityoffice/work placepoor to richsassy
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Chapter 1


Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe-


Forcing her lips into a professional smile, Carolina Torres pressed the intercom button, "Coming, Mr. Yoon!"

She knew she had exactly 30 seconds to hoof it to the CEO's office before he really lost his temper, so she scooped up her phone, notebook, and r……