Let's fall in love again

Nitasha Romance

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Zahi Afghan and Falak Sher have been together from past four years , they had love marriage but with the time they start having distances beeen them. Their love lost in their busy life while Falak complain that Zahi never give her time and its all about his work and Zahi complain that she never understand him. He thinks that he work for their future. After having every night's fights and arguments when they even start living in different rooms under one roof Falak decided to get divorce and Zahi agreed on it as well. But what will happen when Zahi's parents who lived in different country came to visit them for six months and in Zahi's family divorce is not allowed. So they decided to pretend of being happy couple for six months then get divorce but destiny have different plans for them because some time o people have to get separated to realised their love again. Sometime we have to fall in love with the same person all over again. They have to go thought the pain and suffering while recognised their love for each other.


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