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"Oh God.. holy shit". She is panting slightly and I know I am doing the same.

I am staring at her, half in shock. "You.. you kissed me back".

She looks almost scared. "What ? No, no you kissed me".

"You did Paige. You kissed me back. Do you...?"

I don't get a change to finish my question because she cuts me of. "I don't know what you are talking about".

She is backing away, but I step forward, crowding her against the locker. "Paige, you do know what I am talking about. You kissed me back. Do.. do you have feelings for me ?"

We are at Blue River High School were three male teachers with their own set of problems try to navigate through students, parents and other teachers to find the love they all seek and long for.

How will their year go ? Will they find love ? Will they get what they dream of ? Or will it all end badly when secret after secret tumbles out of the closet ?


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 “Dad !? Daddy are you home?” I call out as I unlock the door and walk inside. I might sound all calm but my heart is in my throat.. what if my father won’t accept this.. what if he calls the police ? He can ruin my whole life in a few seconds.

 “In the living room bug”. My father's voice……