Mate for the Prince of Beasts

Akire Somar Paranormal

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For generations the witches and the beasts (shifters) have been living apart, but the beasts have decided they want to get back to their land and no one will step in their way, they are willing to eradicate all opposition.
What will happen after the Prince of Beasts finds his fated mate among the witches? Will she accept him even after he killed everyone in her village?


Tags: possessivekidnapshiftermateprincedramamagical worldenimies to loverssupernaturalhumiliated
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Chapter 26

Khurana Industries, Monday-12 pm.

everyone on this floor, mainly the executive department people, were running like their back was on fire. they were doing their work more attentively than usual. There was a thick tension in the ambience and could be cut with knives.  

"Get out and do it again..."A……