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Joy Madrid was suffering from a major depression because of a relationship gone wrong. She was still in love with James and the huge mark he left still lingers in her heart and body.

Dr. Martin, the best psychiatrist in the country, accepted Joy as his patient. He was a handsome man in his late twenties.

Little by little, the layers of James and Joy’s relationship were unraveled to Martin – the violence, the passionate lovemaking, the drama and he vowed to cure her from it using exposure therapy.

But he didn’t expect that as they relieve Joy’s erotic fantasies, a special connection will form between them. Until they no longer know if what they are doing is still part of the treatment or an affair.

Just when everything seemed going to the right direction between them, Joy learned about the secret Martin was hiding from her. It was a secret that will change their lives.


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Chapter 4

We continued to dance. My hands that were on his shoulders went to encircle his neck. My fingers played with his hair. Our bodies were pressed against each other. His hands went to my back, his palms sensually touching my bare skin. My breasts rubbed against his hard chest. I can feel him growing hard against my belly. My nipples hardened in ……