Shadow Wolves: His Black Rose (Book 6) - Ongoing


Ella Meriwether Suspense/Thriller

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I had my life all planned out. I was going to be this bad ass chick, just like my mom… until you came along… Michael Aetos, Black curly hair, amber eyes, and you turned my entire world upside down!

Will Elizabeth give up what she trained for, what she vowed to be? Or will she become who she is destined to be? The next generation Black Rose. A legendary assassin…


Tags: matepowerfulwitch/wizardprincessstudentbxgmysteryfemale leadsuperpowerpassionate
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Chapter 57


I wake up to the early morning sound of birds chirping and get up. Michael and Leo are still fast asleep, and I know they won’t be awake for another hour, so I go down to the kitchen to find that coffee Wilhelmina made me.

Jack “It doesn’t matter that he is back!”

I hear him in the kitchen and stop in my tracks ……