Shadow Wolves: His Black Rose (Book 6)


Ella Meriwether Suspense/Thriller

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The quiet one of the triplets, Elizabeth spent her days in the library of the castle, until she comes across the diary of a Black Rose. Hoping her aunt Megan can tell her something about it, she runs from the castle, not telling her mother that she might be interested in becoming a Black Rose assassin.
When she meets Michael Aetos, realizing he is her mate, her mother is in heaven. When they find out his business dealings aren't of the legal kind, things take a different turn.
All the while Elizabeth is walking around carrying a huge secret that is breaking her heart.


Tags: matepowerfulwitch/wizardprincessstudentbxgmysteryfemale leadsuperpowerpassionate
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Chapter 64


They climb out of the car and walk up to the front door, probably ringing the bell. They seem to be pretending to be drunk? Are they… yup… Sarah throws her shoes over her shoulder, hooking them into her index finger!

It takes a couple of minutes, then Mary answers the door. She looks a bit disheveled and irritated with ……