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(BOOK 2 OF BADBOY'S SERIES) *Versión en Español disponible en mi perfil*

Zara Arlington, it's the Heiress of an immense fortune, beautiful, smart, independent, and an empowered woman who won't stop at anything to have what she wants, and after years of studying and hard work, she is ready to take over her family's company, but, on her first day as CEO, she finds herself face to face with the man she's been in love for years, it's the first time they see each other since the night they slept together for the first and only time before Zara left him in the morning with just a note and a goodbye.

Tom has just returned from Tokyo where he studied to become a web programmer and went straight to the Arlington's Company to apply for a job, he knew his first love was about to take the reins of the company, and wanted to be close to her so he could finally confront her about the reason she left after giving him her virginity, but, will he be able to soften her hard heart and make her love him again?

Will she be willing to give herself a second chance at love or will she choose her career again?

Will she be able to handle her career, the power, and the fame that comes with it, along with her torrid love story, or will she lose everything in the process?

Join me in discovering Zara's journey to obtain what she has always dreamed of.


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When I go out to a meeting on one of the intermediate floors of the company , I notice how people give me strange looks , and I even hear a couple of them murmuring , so I immediately deduce that it is about my kiss with Tom this morning in the elevator , and I just hope he is not having a hard time on accou……