The Vampire King's Wife


Jazmyne Jones Romance

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Alianna Fedorov, Princess of Russia, has always wanted romance in her life. After watching her two older brothers find love she was eager to be next. Until she was told she was being arranged to marry Marco Ricci, Future King of Italy. And while intrigued and attracted to him, the handsome man was known for being a player.

And with a potential marriage built off of nothing so far, Alianna is afraid of losing her heart to him.

But little did she know Marco is more than just interested in being only with her, but he is hiding a secret. The truth about why her father trusted him to honor her. As he holds on to the past and tries to steam ahead with their future, different shadowy figures of their past try to tear them apart.

Join Alianna and her ladies in waiting in court as they all try to find love, stability, and the meaning of happiness. Going through ups and downs of their own, the lovely ladies all learn that love, even as immortals, is never easy.


Tags: kickass heroinepowerfulroyalty/noblekingqueendramasweetvampiremedievalfirst loveYoung Adult Fiction Writing Contest Ⅱ
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