Rift of Dawn

Mac Emerson Fantasy

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Lyra, a loving daughter to her mom discovers a path that she herself couldn't accept. The price of her destiny is her leaving Earth and to travel to a place where she truly belongs. As said by the Book of Sudbina, a girl of wit and power shall come to save the pillars of Otokaro. The great sacrifice shall be rewarded with great power and magic to cast the spell and free the land from darkness. However, the manuscript depicting the incantation is forbidden in the Horon Empire, the now destroyed kingdom due to the war a century before Lyra was chosen. Because of the faded knowledge, the chambers holding the spell doesn't have a concise location. It is up to a conflicted girl to partake on a journey that can change the course of light and darkness. If she accepts, she has up until dawn to spend her last moments with her only loved one.


Tags: Karma/DestinymagicPowerfulWeirdParanoidconfidentWitchDramaSweetFantasy-Romance Contest
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