Not-So-Fated Mates

Alexi Ammerman Paranormal

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On her 18th birthday, wolf shifter Layla Stanley dreams of a mysterious, sexy man that she presumes is to be her mate, since shifters can find their mates once they turn 18. So imagine her surprise when she finds out her mate is Zach, the next in line for the alpha position of their pack, who looks nothing like the mystery man she dreamed of. Shrugging it off as just a dream, she's excited to find her mate...that is, until he rejects her for his long-time love, Kelly, grinding Layla's heart into the dirt.

7 years later, Layla has become the top warrior in the pack, having thrown herself into training and fighting to get rid of the emotional pain of being rejected and having to see her mate with someone else every single day. Now, she has no time for love, only training and being the best warrior she can be. Until he walks in.

Alpha Drake has lived a hard life, but it molded him into the most formidable alpha in the country. Despite this, he cares for his pack and works hard to keep them safe and prosperous, which he has done a damn good job of. He despises the idea of mates, and, considering his own betrayed him by sleeping with his now ex-Beta, who could blame him? Afterwards, the thought of love never crossed his mind. But then he sees her...

Can they get past the betrayal of their mates and find a way to love again? And can they thwart the plans of a group of evil supernaturals planning the worst for their packs?


Tags: sexfatedsecond chancedominantkickass heroineindependentconfidentwerewolvesrejectedWriting Academy
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