The CEO's Secret

Autumn Summers Billionaire

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"Please Katie, don't go. I need you, you're good for me." He begged desperately for her to stay. She was the glue that had been keeping him together for so long, if she left he could fall apart completely and be left a hopeless pile of dust that could never be fixed again.
"I might be good for you Colin, but you aren't good for me. I have to think about myself this time, my life's consisted of trying to keep you together for so long that I forget how it feels to be Katie anymore."
"I can change, I promise you I can. Things will be different this time."
The distraught look on Colin's face made Katie want to believe him again, but it would only lead to more heartache on her part if she continued to believe the vicious cycle of empty promises. She had been keeping his secret for so long that it felt like it had almost consumed her as much as it did Colin.
Katie had to say no this time, she could not go like this any longer.
She needed to think for herself for once, something she had not done in a long time.
Colin's PA, Katie, is dragged into her boss's life quicker than she had ever expected. And when she lands herself right in the middle of his secret, she already feels too much for him to tell the world. Follow the ups and downs of their relationship over the ten year period they spend on each other's minds.


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August 2018


Katie took a deep breath as soon as she sat down on the park bench beside him and stared out at the view of the greenery before their eyes. There had been many things eating her up ever since the day she said goodbye to him five years ago. She had promised herself to ……