Devil for a husband.

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Sneak preview...

"What are you going to do to me?"... She fretted watching the three men at his back approaching her.

"You agree or not- We are getting married today."... He simply replied throwing the marriage papers on the floor in front of her.

It was LUST AT FIRST SIDE when Riyaan Diwan laid his eyes on her.

It was HATRED that Inaya Mangal had residing in her heart toward him after the first encounter.

She was working as an event planner with her uncle for his grandfather's grand anniversary while he had just visited her city for the very first time for the function. And when his first gaze fell on her... He authoritatively growled, "MINE" watching her laugh with his cousin.

When things didn't work as he desired, he lied to her about her uncle's severe accident and forcibly took her to an abandoned building hence marrying her forcibly.

Follow the book and Get in to know the rest;-)


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Marriage proposal.

“Be gentle, Inaya. Slowly, yes.” … Mohit assisted her to come cautiously out of his Nano car. Inaya smiled widely glancing at her little house with delight. Only she knows how badly she wished to get back to her house and her room which stores her memories of so many years. 

She quickly ran inside the house total……