The Hybrid Prophecy


Steph Cash Fantasy

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Rose is the vampire princess, next in line for the thrown but she has been locked in a castle for her whole life, she has never had anyone to talk to but her friend/guard, one her mother announces that she will choose a mate for Rose to marry it pushes Rose to run away and start to long look for her mate.

Jack is abused by his pack and even his own family because they think he does not have a wolf, he has to do all the work for the pack and gets beaten on a daily bases. One day he comes across two vampires in the packs territory, vampires and werewolves are enemies and Jack knows he should kill or turn the two vampires in but there is something about the woman vampire that stops him from harming her.

Rose invite Jack on her journey, together they find out the hidden truth about Jack and feelings start to grow between them but they both know its forbidden but what happens when another vampire try's to make Rose his mate and Jack wolf finally comes out and claims Rose as his mate, will the two survive or will they be pulled apart and what will happen when they learn about The Hybrid Prophecy and what it has to do with them.


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Chapter Twenty-Four





(Tina’s point of view)


King Mike’s and Tina’s Wedding day


   “I cannot believe that you are going to be Queen of the vampire Kingdom, you only met your mate a week ago and now you are marrying him” my mother says with tears in her eyes. I know my mother still thinks of me as a child but……