The Two Mr. Kings

T.C. Bosarge Romance

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Eden was 15 when she met her new neighbors Harper and Jasper King, the billionaire brothers who her alcoholic abusive mother has her eyes on. Eden expected them to be like all the other men who walked into her life. They surprise her by being nice and understanding. Now that Eden is 19, she thinks of them as brothers but do they think of her as a sister


Tags: Love-trianglePossessiveSexPolyamoryFriends to LoversGoodgirlNeighborDramaBxGBi
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The week following the wedding, is tense around the house. Jasper still isn't over what Harper did and I'm still confused. Jasper tried to hide the fact that he is beyond angry but whenever I brought up what happened, he would shut it down. Harper lied to both of us and I think it hurts Jasper more. They are brothers and I don't think Jasper was……