Abandoned By An Alpha

L.P.Dillon Vampire/Werewolf

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How many secrets have they kept from me? And how many lies have they told me over the years? How many times can my heart be broken by them, before it fails to heal at all? How can I be in love with more than one person at a time? And how in the hell did I become Queen of Canada's entire supernatural population? Those are just some of the questions that are currently swirling around in my mind like a damn tornado, consuming me, and sweeping up any other thoughts it can, until I can't think of anything else. Urgh!

So here is my dilemma; I have three of the most gorgeous men standing right in front of me, a werewolf, a hunter and a vampire, and they have given me an ultimatum. I need to choose one of them to be my King, the chosen man will stand by my side and help me rule this newly formed world, where all supernatural beings must coexist harmoniously. My problem with that is, that I have no clue who to choose. I can’t pick one, I'm in love with them all.

No matter, I’m jumping ahead of myself as always. I need to drag you all the way back to the beginning of our epic journey. Maybe if you get to know us, you will be able to help me decide who will be my Forever King. Be warned, it’s not a pretty tale, and even though I’ve had a lot of fun along the way, my happily ever after has yet to come.

So, are you sure you’re ready for the ride of your life? Good. Let’s go, quickly, follow me...


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