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"How are you feeling?" I asked in concern.

"I'm still in pain, and my wolf isn't helping much, she's very upset that I wasn't letting her out when I needed her the most, so the healing is taking time" she answered simply.

"I'm sorry that I wasn't there in time to protect you" I said sadly.

"It's fine, you aren't suppose to feel bad for me, it's not your duty to protect me Peter, you aren't a cop" she answered as I swallowed a forming growl.

"I am your mate, it's my duty and tinct to protect you, you are mine" I yelled out the words without thinking.

She smiled wildly then stood up.

f**k, I was falling in her trap.

"Are you now accepting me as your mate?" She asked softly while moving closer.

"Yes we are, tell her" Derick demanded.

"I..I. ..

She angrily frowned then walked past me.

"Where are you going?" I asked loudly .

"Home, so we are clear, never fucking talk to me again" she yelled then walked outside.


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