Open Flame

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"She's dangerous, like a moth drawn to a flame - he couldn't help but be drawn towards her. But she burns him, and he lets her."

Aliana Rose is running, she has been for over 5 years since she was fourteen. Never settling down to have a steady job or boyfriend, not that she needed one - well not until she met him. The one male that could make her cold heart beat faster than anyone else.

But she was broken, beyond compare - and she thinks no one can help her - she's just another broken soul? But what happens when she is proven wrong, finally finding a family she can trust. But what happens when she finds out the truth? What happens when the people she has been running from for years find her?


Tags: possessiveopposites attractarrogantkickass heroinepowerfulbitchmafiadramacomedybxg
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