Her Body Belongs to the Alpha

M.L. Hatter Fantasy

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Are you worth your weight in gold?
Prince Draven certainly thinks Luca is. He was struck by love at first sight and that becomes clear when he stakes his claim on her. It was a crazed, burning, passionate kind of love. The type that boiled the frazzled blood in your veins every time they were kept apart, and my God, did
people try to keep them apart. In a troubled kingdom, our lovers find themselves in an
unfortunate situation. An unlikely savior finds his affections growing, but with what seems like everyone standing in the way, their romance may never come to pass.


Tags: Contract MarriagePost-apocalypseSunshinePowerfulPrinceRoyaltyKingQueenDrama
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Chapter 28

I watch from the bottom of the steps as my husband faces the crowd proudly. A gauntlet is held
in one hand and golden jeweled decorative spear is held in his other. 
"Prince Draven, do you so solemnly swear to uphold the honorable and trusted position as the
king of this great nation? Do you promise to put the lives of the people above ……