Sinister Forces

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"A beautiful-heart warming adventure in the subject of parenthood and behavioral misnomer."

Sinister Forces is a fictional story of the son of the most successful Oklahoma district attorney, Kaila W. Roger, whose life alternates beeen prison bars and the free world. It started with the attorney, an impartial U.S. district attorney who witnessed the bizarre electrocution of 12 notorious gangsters at McAlester in 1892, who had been on death row for many years, killed.

Though a man of charismatic personality with great power of oratory, he had allowed his maze of activities to affect his family psychologically which culminated into a senseless homicidemitted by his son, Marius, who suffered greatly from behavioral misnomer and stabbed his wife on May 15, 1897, several times and severed her nose from her face.

The story continues as the district attorney stood face-to-face with the law he sworn to uphold and protects - as the law stood agat his own son who had been convicted for first degree murder in the Court of Criminal Appeals and sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labor.

Read this book to know what happened as his son served his jail term at a maximum security prison which was over a hundred miles southeast of Oklahoma City.

This short story is an impressive work of fiction with drop-in visits from real figures and ideas, such as the psychological deterioration, and the first degree murder of the Oklahoma country attorney son.

Indeed, this is a story with a global scope! Consequently, it pontificates the uncertain, terrifying pain of parenthood . . .


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