White Bloodline

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(Book #1 - Book #4 of White Bloodline series)

Full moon is rising, and the young hot-blooded males of this Hanabito clan are in the hunt for their new wives. The fate of the women that are born into the Cainvarna clan are inevitably sealed the moment they were born. Catalina Blanch dé Cainvarna refuses to give in, choosing to save her little sister instead.

Little did anyone know that one girl will survive through the storms unscratched, one night flower that will bloom through eternity and be the queen of their bloodline. The legendary pure hanabito will show her crowns once again.

Hanabito, plant-based rare metagene humans that emits sweet scents like that of a flower, where stronger females attract the most powerful men.


Tags: MurderCultDarkForbiddenRapeKidnapForcedTragedyTwistedBxG
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CHAPTER 8: Betony


Betony ~ Shock

Meaning: Surprise, unexpextence, shock and unpredictableness.

          Fake and grief can not replace this empty hazard,
the moment I lay my eyes on you souless.


I sleep until I can not sleep……