Beautiful Scar


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Scarlet is known for many things. The adoptive daughter of General Homes. A brutal and yet intelligent Captain of the army. The close friend to the Silverstorm's kingdom's only Princess. And the Lady with the scar on her face.

While Scarlet was content with how things were, despites her many achievements, small whispers still lingered till this day and that was of her appearance, the scars on her face and body.

At the time, for a young lady to have such scars, people were concerned and alarmed. Some wondered if it was a curse or a punishment for escaping the fire, escaping death. And some merely pitied for they worried if she did pursue the idea of romance, she would be broken-hearted by vicious people who would never look past her face.

After all, who could ever learn to love a maiden with scars?

One night, on the Princess's coming of age celebration, the King declared and invited men all over the Kingdom's horizon to vie for his daughter's hand in marriage. The winner would become the next Queen's consort and if fortunate enough, he would be crowned King as well.

However, these suitors would have to undergo three months of intensive training under the leadership of Captain Scarlet, to groom them to be proper men befitting to the Princess and to the Kingdom's people.

And while these young men learn the ropes of the Kingdom, they would also learn more about Captain Scarlet herself and maybe, just maybe, unravelling the lady underneath that scars.


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Scarlet had ordered the carpet to be taken out of her office to be soaked and cleaned in heavy soaps. In hopes that the stains and stench would go away.

Zuber was still around, had helped James lied down on the only available sofa in the office.

James eyes were already closed by the time he let out his system actually. He had collaps……


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