Tales of Olsen

Shanay Davis Fantasy

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Eloise has no idea why her life has gone haywire. in fact, she can hardly decide who she is anymore. The strange dreams and sleep-walking doesn't help. Although she is determined to ignore everything that is happening, she can't deny that the secrets she's about to discover will change her life forever. the only question is whether it will be good or bad. When she begins to fall for a phantom of a man, she realizes that everything is not as it seems and her life may be in more danger than she thinks.


Tags: CampusReligionReincarnationPowerfulPrincessWarriorSuperheroDramaComedyBxG
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While the knife hadn’t punctured Alex’s heart, it had gone deep enough into his skin to kill him. I paced the halls before his bedroom as the healer attended to him. The chances of his survival were low, and I didn’t want to leave his side until I knew he would be alright or dead. I would find a way, any way I could to make things right.