She loves the Alpha King

Javyriah Vampire/Werewolf

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It's a werewolf story that started with the search of a man who has done something horrible in the past.
Michael just wants to take revenge and to possess the power which makes him unbeatable.
And he wants to become the most powerful Alpha King.
But one day, he meets Mia......Mia is the most cheerful, college-going simple girl whose life was ordinary and dull.
But she encounters him accidentally. She is not aware of the thing that she is a werewolf and she has a mate.
She cannot believe......

What happens when their paths cross and when she meets with that arrogant selfish Alpha King?

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Tags: KidnapSecond ChanceArrogantBadboyKingBxG
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Michael P.O.V
She is gone.  We all are standing near her grave and it's her funeral today.
The pain is still there. It will take time to get out of the situation that we faced. I am still in shock and my mind didn't work properly after all that happened.
My heart cried for her and the whole pack was feeling the loss. I am in dee……